Making Life Possible for Hardworking Americans

Americans work hard to accomplish their dreams, provide for their loved ones, and make sound financial planning decisions in an increasingly complex market. Auditors work every day to enable hardworking Americans to fulfill their financial goals.

Credit cards, mortgages, small business loans, and all the things Americans need to build their future are possible because of the trust and transparency that auditors bring to our capital markets.

“Public company auditors combine their expertise and independence to fuel our capital markets and stabilize our economy, even during uncertain times.” says Julie Bell Lindsay, CEO of the Center For Audit Quality. “As a result of their commitment, hardworking Americans are able to depend on our reporting ecosystem and achieve their financial goals.”

Through legislation like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), policymakers and regulators provide the framework that allows the financial reporting ecosystem to serve as the bedrock of our economy. Building on this foundation, auditors are continuously evolving to the needs of rapidly changing capital markets, including meeting the demand for company information outside of the traditional financial statements such as ESG information.

All the things Americans need to build their future are possible because auditors bring trust and transparency to our capital markets that power our economy and everyday life.