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Public company auditors play a leading role in maintaining trust in our markets and restoring our economy. Driven by purpose, they tap their unique competencies in standards-based analysis, objectivity, professional skepticism, and critical thinking to reduce the risk of material misstatements that could negatively impact the capital markets and threaten our economy.

By leveraging new technologies to maintain audit quality, sharing knowledge and experience with stakeholders to tackle complex accounting issues quickly, and investing time and resources to support their communities, auditors continuously adapt to new challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis, evolving markets, and shifting investor needs.

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  • Describe your role as an auditor. What are the benefits of an independent audit? 
  • What are the benefits to companies who go through an independent audit?
  • Describe a situation where an audit helped safeguard a company. 
  • How is the role of the auditor expanding into new areas and what are the benefits?

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